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“For this child, we have prayed.”

Kikki and Franki is all about your little munchkins, so we thought it was about time that we wrote a blog post that was aimed specifically at them! Today, we are going to tell you all about the different milestone and keepsake products that we sell!

Why milestone and keepsake products?

“Collect memories, not objects.”

At Kikki and Franki, we believe the best thing about life is making memories with the people we love. With smartphones, it is so easy to snap a photo and keep that memory digitally saved, but we wanted to provide something more than that.

Our milestone and keepsake products provide a traditional way of saving memories. They can be used in photos to make the memory incredibly special. In everyone’s life, especially a baby’s, every milestone should be celebrated, and our products provide the most practical and beautiful way to celebrate our little ones! With a baby, all the “first times” are so important, and are worth being treasured forever. Every month that goes by is such a sweet memory, and you get to share every sweet second with them.

With every milestone a baby reaches, we believe that it is a celebration for all the mommas out there! We know its hard. It is hard to get up everyday and have your tiny human depend on you. We know it is hard to feel like sometimes, your world is so small. We hope that celebrating your baby’s milestones reminds you that you are the world. You are the world that your little ones revolve around. You are their nurture, their home, and their comfort. You are everything to them. We hope that even on the hard days, that you can look back at all these milestones and remember how special you are to your little ones. You play such a huge role in their lives, so their milestone, is your milestone.

Ever heard that saying “Raising children is made up of LONG days and SHORT years”? Well, I never really understood this until I became a mom. Some days were so long, especially with Franki. She was severely colic for the first 8-9 months of her little life. She cried continuously, she never slept longer than 30minutes at a time both day and night, she wanted only me, and she literally fed off me 24 hours a day. They were long and exhausting days but then I blinked my eyes and my beautiful baby doll just turned FIVE! Just like that. I wish with all my heart I could turn back the hands of time sometimes just to get those baby cuddles and enjoy those “Oros Man” chunky rolls. It makes my heart so happy to look back at all my kid’s milestones that I documented for them (and me). We spend hours looking at photos and reading letters. They are so special. At the time, it was so difficult to find the time to document them between working full-time, sleepless nights, breastfeeding, mommy-ing and wife-ing but I am so glad I made the effort. Which is why I continuously develop new products for this range, they older my kids get the more special these precious moments become to me.

We have so many products to help you cherish these moments. Keep reading to see what milestones and keepsakes mean to Kikki and Franki!

Baptism/Dedication Plaques

“For this child, we have prayed.”

This is just the most perfect way to celebrate and remember your little treasures special baptism or dedication day. It, of course, makes for a beautiful and sentimental keepsake to pass on through the generations. Such a unique gift for a child and really makes your photo’s extra special. This piece is made from laser-cut and engraved oak veneer. You can request this keepsake to be in any language of your choice.

As a parent, it is our responsibility to guide, counsel and take care of our children. A baby dedication or baptism is the first step in doing so! It is a day that is filled with peace, love, and wonderful memories.  It is a special day to remember, and this perfect little keepsake is a reminder of this day spent with friends and family.

Once your little one is all grown up, they can keep this keepsake in their box of treasures to remind themselves of their roots, and to remember how blessed they are to have the family and friends that they do.

Custom Made Birth Announcement Plaques

“The pain of a few hours brings the beauty of a lifetime.”

The story of birth never loses its awe. To have a tiny human being living inside you for 9 months, hearing your heartbeat, and then helping them out into the world … it is a story that no one can take away from you. On this day, a parent gets to hold their their whole world in their arms for the very first time – it is definitely a day that will never be forgotten.

This is just the most perfect way to announce your little treasures birth and it of course makes for a beautiful and sentimental keepsake to pass on through the generations. Such a unique birth gift for the new Mom and Dad and really makes those new born photoshoots extra special. This piece is made from laser cut and engraved oak veneer. Once your little one is born, you give us the details of the birth and we will engrave it for you. We also have a standard option that allows you to write the birth details on yourself.

Milestone Muslin Blanket

“There are places in your heart you don’t even know exist,
Until you love a child.”


warm without overheating them, creating a safe and comfortable environment for your baby’s development. Kikki & Franki’s Milestone Muslin blankets are 100% cotton, and are available in white, pink, and blue. They are soft, breathable, and beautiful.

How to use your Milestone Blanket:
1. Place baby on the blanket
2. Get creative & highlight the relevant information or purchase our Milestone Marker Pack available in the colour of your choice.
3. Act like a clown to make your baby smile.
4. Take a photo.
Taadaa, your memory making moment has been captured.

Different ways to use your Muslin

Documenting milestones
Burp Cloth
Crib Sheet
Nursing Cover
Stroller Cover
Car seat Cover
Comfort Blanket
Superhero Cape
Tummy Time Blanket

Mini Milestone Plaques

“Just when you think you know love,
Something little comes along to remind you just how big it is.”

Don’t let all those “memory-making moments” become lost in time. Your little beans grow faster than you think. Capture all your baby’s milestones in a special kind of way with our exclusive range of Oak veneer, laser cut milestone plaques. They are perfect and trendy and fit for any little future super star. Each pack comes with 14 milestone plaques, each 10cm and is packaged in the cutest little window suitcase box. This makes for the most perfect gift to a new mom and it will become an extremely special keepsake in years to come. Remember that babies have long days and short years, don’t let the moment pass you by without a snap.

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Puzzle Growth Chart

“Sometimes all it takes is a little hand reaching for yours to remind you
That these are, without a doubt, the best years of your life.”


Vintage Growth Ruler

“I am proud of many things in life,
But nothing beats being a mother.”


This growth chart is the perfect gift to give to a new born baby. It is a classic style so it will look good in any room with any decor. The packaging is so gorgeous, there is no need for wrapping. It is one of our best sellers.

We customise the engraving for you. We usually put the babies name, date of birth, weight, and height at birth but we can pretty much engrave anything you like so if you would like something else, you just let us know. Please fill in the “Custom Text Field” with all the details you would like us to add. Please make sure all the spelling and information is correct. Custom made rulers take 2 days to manufacture before we ship them.

Our rulers are made from 6mm laser cut coated or veneer wood.

Coming Soon

We have tons of new products being added to our range this year, but these milestone keepsakes will always have our hearts. Time goes by so quickly, and our little ones don’t stay little forever. These milestone and keepsake products are our way of treasuring our memories with our little ones, and we want the same for you!

Don’t let time go by without capturing all these special moments.


The Kikki and Franki Girls.

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