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Product Information

Product Information

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  • Wood
  • 6mm vinyl coated, laser cut wood.
  • Wood with Spacers:
  • 6mm vinyl coated, laser cut wood with 12mm MDF spacers applied behind the wood.

PRODUCTION TIME We custom make each and every one of our designs for you so that you get exactly what you want. Our production takes 7 working days. It is worth the wait.

RETURN POLICY We do not accept any returns. Please read all our instructions and FAQ’s before making your purchase. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are not held responsible for any damage during transportation.



What are the wall decals made of? Our decals are printed from EcoSol ink of the highest standard and cut from top quality gloss vinyl. There are NO unsightly transparent borders.

Will the decal stick to my surface?

Your surface must be smooth, clean, dry and dust free. The paint on your wall needs to be water based and not silicone or oil based. Make sure your paint is left to dry for at least 4 weeks before applying the vinyl decal. Our decals will stick to porcelain, mirror, glass, tiles, ceramic and plastic.

Can I reuse the wall decal?

It is not preferable to reuse wall decals. They stretch when you pull them off the wall and will never regain their shape.

How long will the wall decals last?

For as long as you want them to. If you take care of your wall decal they can stay on your surface forever.


Do I have to apply all my letters individually? No, you most definitely do not have to, your decal will come with application tape on top of it and your wording will be lined up and spaced out already.

Why won’t my decal stick to my wall even though I have followed all the instructions?

Vinyl is heat sensitive. Your ideal temperature to apply decals is 23 degrees Celsius. Your walls expand and contract with the weather so if they are not applied in the ideal temperature you may have to keep pushing them down for a few weeks until they settle. Alternatively, heat the vinyl with a hairdryer whilst rubbing your hand over the application tape and pressing your vinyl down. If your application tape has already been peeled off, heat the vinyl and press it down with a towel.


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