Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions & payment terms

  • 100% of invoice must be made before delivery.
  • Production takes 5-7 working days of any customised products
  • PLEASE NOTE: Artwork is included in the price for customised products along with 1 set of changes, artwork thereafter will be charged for accordingly.
  • You may collect from our design studio or we can courier to your door for an additional cost which needs to paid with the invoice
  • Kikki & Franki cannot be held responsible for any damages in transport. We do however package our product with lots of protection & care. There will be no refunds. Once the product has left our premisis Kikki & Franki take no responsibility for damages.
  • Kikki & Franki do not apply the material for customers and will not be held responsible for any incorrect application. There will be no refunds. Once the product has left our premisis Kikki & Franki take no responsibility for damages.
  • NB-Please make sure you have read our application instructions on the following page and explain it to your sales staff to ensure that the product can be applied to their customers type of wall and paint. Kikki & Franki cannot be held responsible and there will be no refunds thereafter.
  • We do not do refunds or exchanges on custom products so please ensure you are sure of your order before placing it.
  • If any packaging is damaged in your store as a retailer and you require new packaging you will be charged accordingly.
  • Please note that when ordering suspended file boxes online, especially with other items ar more than one unit, extra courier charges may occur. 
  • Please note that colours may sometimes differ from screen to screen and from a desktop to a smart phone due to screen pixels and file formats. Our computer screens are calibrated to our machines. Kikki and Franki cannot be held responsible for any colour variations from screen to print. We will always make sure that they are printed to the colour represented on our screen. If you are unsure please drop us a mail before ordering.

Banking Details

ABSA-Sandton Business Banking | Branch Code: 632005 | Account Number: 4079664297 | Cheque Account

Marketing Material

Kikki & Franki will supply marketing material to all retailers for your social media, online stores and retail outlets. Kikki and Franki will supply a Dropbox link with images. These are the ONLY images you and your company have permission to use. If there is anything else you may need please let us know and we will send it to you immediately. Please do NOT create your own as we would like to keep our branding standard throughout our retailers in order to build the brand and not break it. PLEASE DO NOT use the images on our social media pages without permission. The Moms we have received the images from have given Kikki and Franki permission to repost them on our social media platforms but they have NOT given our retailrs permission to use them. We have had some very angry Moms and Bloggers in the past so please adhear to this rule. If you would like to use them please ask and I will get permission from the customer.

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