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All Natural – Kikki and Franki’s 3-in-1 Baby Brush and Comb Set is safe for newborns and toddlers. These can be personalised with a name or purchased plain. They come packaged in the sweetest Kikki and Franki draw-string bag, making it a perfect gift and heirloom.


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The soft bristles are made of silky natural soft goat hair. The hard bristles are made of bamboo. The sturdy handles are made of beechwood, while the baby comb is pearwood.  Eases Cradle Cap – Routine gentle scalp massage helps loosen cradle cap and remove dry skin. Our Soft Bristle Brush uses premium-grade goat bristles. It is extra soft and perfect for evenly distributing the natural oils for a healthier scalp.  Wet & Dry Use – Our brushes glide smoothly on both wet and dry hair. Our Massage Hairbrush are made with premium bamboo bristles that are safe and gentle for scalp massages. The hairbrush works well to untangle your toddler’s hair, too.  Great for Grooming – Use our all-natural hairbrush to groom your baby’s fine, delicate hair. Daily brushing helps distribute hair oils evenly and improve blood circulation, promoting relaxation and hair growth.   Perfect Baby Shower Gift – Our 3-in-1 Baby Hairbrush Set for newborns and toddlers is functional and aesthetically pleasing. They come in a pretty gift box, too.

*Please note: This is natural grain wood and grain and colour may differ slightly from set to set.

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