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As a Mom, I know that my kids are only the age they are right now… once, they will also only achieve the milestone they achieve today. I love to keep all their photographs, certificates, Mother’s Day cards, special momentums and report cards some place safe so they can have the opportunity to look back at all they have achieved and what age they achieved it at one day. Keeping these in files or flip files just didn’t always suit my O.C.D. habit of having things in its rightful and safe place. The Kikki and Franki wooden suspended file box totally meets these needs. It is beautiful in appearance, thus easy to keep exposed in your home if need be, fits perfectly on a shelf in a closet and best of all can be customized with your child’s name in two gorgeous and unisex designs to choose from. PLEASE NOTE: Additional courier charges may apply when ordering suspended file boxes, especially outside of Gauteng or outlying areas.


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  •  Width – 41.5cm
  •  Length – 43.5cm
  •  Height – 29cm

How it works?

  • Get yourself a pack of suspended files from your local stationer.
  • Label your suspended files with the year stickers provided.
  • Slip in all your special keepsakes from report cards to that sweet note your child wrote you last week.
  • Hang your file in your box, close the lid and ta-da… your momentum is safe and sound for years to come.

What’s included?

  • Your customized box
  • A pack of printed year stickers ranging from 2010-2040
  • PLEASE NOTE: suspended files are NOT included

Our boxes accommodate FOOLSCAP size suspended files (365mm x 245mm)
Please read our T&C’s for extra courier charges that may occur

Box choices

Plain white suspended file box., Customized suspended file box.

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