Milestone Muslin Blanket (100% cotton)


They will keep your little beans warm without overheating them, creating a safe and comfortable environment for your babies development. Kikki & Franki’s Milestone Muslin blankets are 100% cotton. They are soft, breathable and beautiful.

How to use your Milestone Blanket:
1. Place baby on the blanket
2. Get creative & highlight the relevant information or purchase our Milestone marker pack available the colour of your choice..
3. Act like a clown to make your baby smile.
4. Take a photo.
Taadaa, your memory making moment has been captured.

Different ways to use your Muslin:
Documenting milestones
Burp Cloth
Crib Sheet
Nursing Cover
Stroller Cover
Car seat Cover
Comfort Blanket
Superhero Cape
Tummy Time Blanket

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