Magical Night Sky


This magical set has been hand sketched in pen and is 100% exclusive to Kikki & Franki. This set was created to let the little dumplings imagination run free into Never Never Land and dream of magical worlds. The “Magical Night Sky” pack is made from laser cut coated wood and vinyl decals. The laser cut coated wood is on back spacers to give your wall art a real pop off your wall. You can also add some LED strip lights or fairy lights behind it to form a night light and make it that much more special. Our decals are printed on high quality REMOVABLE & REUSABLE matte vinyl. Each element comes seperately, so you can arrange them effectively to suit your room accordingly. You can (very carefully) peel and stick them and peel and stick them until you are 100% happy with your layout for up to FOUR weeks as long as you keep both your surface and your decal clean and free from dust. Once left alone for 4 weeks they set and you will no longer be able to reuse them. So, you need not feel nervous about messing it up first time around. It makes for an easy yet totally affordable way to transform a space. I am sure you will agree that this wall art will look gorgeous in any nursery, kids room or playroom on any colour wall. Please see the spec sheet in images to see what you will receive in your set and what media is used for each piece.

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