Colourful Crayon Encouragement & Planner Teacher Sticker Packs


A fun compilation to get teachers organized and their students motivated with our colourful Crayon-themed encouragement & planner stickers. Say goodbye to boring to-do lists and hello to colourful and fun designs that will keep teachers on track and their students motivated to conquer goals. With encouraging phrases like “Good Job” and “Well Done” in beautiful lettering, our stickers will inspire students to push past limitations and reach for the stars. Our stickers are perfect for students who need a boost of confidence during challenging lessons, or for teachers who want to add a special touch to their lesson plans and schedules. These stickers are also great for bullet journaling.

Pack Size: 108 stickers (54 Encouragement stickers & 54 planner stickers) each sticker measures 11.5mm x 66mm

These stickers were designed to complement our Colourful Crayon Multipurpose tablecloths and Poster Packs to make a perfect gift hamper from a student or a class.


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